The Adventures of Ty

The Adventures of Ty
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Friday, July 6, 2007

Wiki, Wiki, Wiki, Wiki

A quick and easy way to learn and share information.
Early versions can be regenerated if needed
Everyone can add to and edit
Everyone can add to and edit
Information may not be reliable
Anyone can change it and vandalize
Well I checked out the recommended Wikis and this is what I think;
SJCPl Subject Guides- Is much more than a subject guide. The guide provides information
to various printed resources and links the viewer to others via the use of blogs. Love the hobby section
Library 2.0 15 minutes a day - More information that supplements what we are learning during the 23 things. Maybe, I will spend more time there when I am done my work here.
BookLovers Wiki- Wiki based on publishers and others recommendations
What types of applications could be applied to the library using a Wiki?
Any subject or interest that involves information and group sharing. Wikis can be set up for committees, book discussion groups, Teens, Parents, Master Gardeners, HCPL Friends Groups, etc,etc,

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