The Adventures of Ty

The Adventures of Ty
Is it a bird or a plane?

You can't escape the Lion King !

You can't catch the flying squirrel!

There is always next time

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 1

7 ½ Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners

Habit 1: Begin with the end in mind
Habit 2: Accept responsibility for your own learning
Habit 3: View problems as challenges
Habit 4: Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner
Habit 5: Create your own learning toolbox
Habit 6: Use technology to your advantage
Habit 7: Teach/mentor others
Habit 7 ½: Play

Habit 1 will be the easiest and Habit 3 will be the most challenging

My Learning Contract

I will learn more about the newest emerging technologies that I am unfamiliar and will be steadfast in continuing to be a lifelong learner.

Below is a list of some obstacles I may face and how I will overcome those obstacles:
Obstacle? Time and exaustion How I can overcome the obstacle? Make the time. Watch less television and wake up earlier
Things I need for my “toolbox”:
mp3 player
digital camera
If I need additional help, I can ask:
helpful HCPL employees
Friends and relatives
Path to my goal:
Follow the 23 steps and enrich lessons by researching for additional information

Π Target Date
To complete list by due date

I will come back and look at this contract every week  and update my progress.

I am responsible for my own learning and am a competent, effective learner.

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